Unforgettable Foot Job W/ Gia Dimarco


Unforgettable Foot Job W/ Gia Dimarco

What it is foos! Oh boy, do I got some shit for YOU!!! Gia Dimarco. Ever heard the name? No? Well, you’re in for one hell of a treat then. This foxy honey is SOOO sexy! From her head, down to her tattooed tootsies, Gia is 100% spec-fucking-tacular!! The way her hot pink toesy-woesies wrap around and grip a dick are incredible. Stroking it. Massaging it. Needing it. And she ain’t like some girls who leave the balls all lonesome n’shit. No sir, she plays with them too.
God Damn! I’m practically busing a nut just thinking about it!!

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